Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

Welcome to Umbria.

The green heart of Italy
Umbria has everything Italy has to offer and more. In between Tuscany & Lazio, the rolling hills & silent roads lead you to ancient towns, medieval food festivals, and a history of art & culture spanning over 3000 years. From Assisi to Perugia & quiet roads to busy markets, Umbria truly has it all.


With fewer than a million people living in the region, Umbria has something that is missing in most Italian regions: vast empty landscapes including woodlands, olive groves & rolling hills. All this stunning beauty & silence is easily traversed by foot or bike using the many well maintained hiking and biking trails.


Umbrian cuisine is famous for its meat & big flavoured dishes. The many restaurants, markets & festivals offer plenty of opportunity to sample traditional Umbrian cooking. Porchetta vendors offer a fast Italian feast if you happen to be in a hurry.


Italy is a country with a rich history, Umbria as a region is no exception. Before there was Rome, there were the peoples of Umbria. Countless ancient villages are proof of the cultural, scientific & religious impact they made on the empire that would become Italy. Umbria offers endless art and ancient architecture.


Before you enjoy the fantastic food Umbria has to offer, be sure to work up an appetite. The scenery not only offers panoramic landscapes but plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. Rock climbing, horseback riding or rafting are just some of activities on offer.